We’re on the line!


That’s right ladies and gents – we have a brand spanking new website (with all the trimmings!).

Isn’t it beautiful?! Why yes, yes it is.

We want to say a huge thank you to our dear pals Emily and Alex who have been absolutely fantastic in the amount of help they’ve given us in bringing this beauty to life. Emily is our superstar designer and has made what we think is one of the best website templates out there in the condiment category! Alex, meanwhile, is an old school friend with an unbelievable number of design tricks up his sleeve (he’s also a full-time furniture designer!) – he’s masterminded getting Emily’s lovely designs on-the-line and coded up. Our friends mean absolutely everything to us and their support for Cantina thus far has been truly amazing!

Next up, we’re hoping to have a (food safe) final recipe in the next few weeks at which point we’ll be hitting London’s pavements (hard) and getting as many of you lovely people to try our chimichurri – we can’t have our friends and family having all the fun now can we!

Needless to say, Alex and Emily will be getting a bucket load of chimi as a small token of our thanks for all their help.

Check back here in a couple of weeks when we should be ready to shout about which London market we’ll be hitting up first!

Koosha & Miles