#MeetTheFounders – Koosha

Get to know us a little better...

Last week we let you in on Miles’ weird and wonderful ways. Now it’s Koosha’s turn…

What’s your job title?

Finance guy and the master of selling chimi left, right and centre…

Favourite things to do outside of work?

Latin dance, eating and travel

Tell us about your cooking style in three words or less


What was your first job?

Helping my uncle serve tables at his Mexican Restaurant, and being paid in Nachos.

Why did you start Cantina?

I just love chimichurri – I literally have it on everything. It feels like most the barbecues I get invited to these days are so people can get their hands on some chimi rather than actually wanting to see me!

Tell us an interesting fact about you

I spent 100 days in a monastery in China learning Kung Fu. My career ended swiftly, and I have decided to stick to the sauce and numbers

What are you good at?

Finding new dishes to add chimichurri to

What are you bad at?

Sitting still

Life mantra

Karma – do good things and good things will happen!

Signature chimi dish?

Nothing beats a chimichurri and mayo bacon baguette on a Sunday morning